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Wedding Confetti – Way to amuse yourself at your special occasion

Today the bride has More choices than ever when it comes to deciding on confetti for her wedding. Many venues have limitations on which you can throw, so it is now usual for the confetti to be planned as part of the wedding theme.

  • The roots of wedding Confetti

The custom of throwing confetti upon the heads of the bride and groom as they emerge from church has its roots far before. Long were pelted as a ritual, with grains. In the others flat cakes have been thrown, in certain areas the grains either of rice or wheat based on the areas grain crop. In Italy almonds or grains, called confetti, were thrown at carnivals and weddings symbolizing prosperity and fertility, and the title transferred to what we understand confetti today.

  • Paper confetti

In the previous century grains were substituted with colored paper confetti, prettier and less wasteful than throwing grain, but the convention continued to be popular though the superstitions connected with throwing confetti started to be forgotten and it was only seen as part of the traditional wedding ceremony. Paper confetti started to be frowned on by places, which fought to clean up the mounds of paper bits before the wedding that was.

  • Bio-degradable Confetti

Environment conscious brides nowadays choose confetti cannon rental singapore, either of paper or freeze-dried rose petals. These are presented in baskets so the guests in turn can throw a few of the petals over the bride and groom as they leave the ceremony.

  • Metallic Confetti

There is a new breed of confetti, punched from PVC. It is not bio-degradable, while this can be quite sparkling in the sunlight and venues do not let it throwing confetti. It is used for table confetti.

  • confetti cannon rental singaporeTable Confetti

You can purchase an infinite range of confetti meant for table decoration. These include of the shiny confetti shapes and custom confetti, where the names of the bride and groom or words can be printed on every bit of confetti. You may find confetti and have the portraits of the bride and groom in tiny smiling up from the scattering of confetti on the table! Table confetti includes crystals scattered over the table, or flower petals for an organic theme.

When planning the confetti to use at your wedding it is vital to check the rules of your wedding venue. Some venues do not allow any at all the paper kind that melts in water. Forms are allowed by some but charge an additional fee. At beach weddings shredded coconut is a publication and biodegradable natural confetti. Birdseed has been used as confetti with the residents of the place at no cost! Bubbles can be used to substitute confetti, as a fun and whimsical touch.