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What’s Hot in Transportation

The new and upcoming trend in affordable transpotation is electric scooters and to be honest, this is the best trend that has surfaced in the late millennial and gen Z era. This is because not only are these generations more environmentally conscious than their predecessors, they also have to face a lot of economic backlashes considering the sate of the global economy at the moment. Electric scooters are the most convenient form of transportation, which is one of the biggest reason for their popularity. Firstly, they are less expensive than a car or a good bike. Although not entirely the cheapest thing in the market, they are worth their price in their convenience and usage. Secondly, they are not fuel-based which reduces the amount of pollution they cause to a zero. You can find more than one article source to back that up. This is something which makes them extremely essential for the world today considering how much pollution and global warming has started to affect almost every aspect of our lives.

segway es2

Besides all that, they are multi-purpose and can be used for almost anything. Because they are so much fun to use, their biggest usage is for leisure. They are an affordable fun and on-trend. They can also be used in a professional capacity especially for delivery purposes. They are fast and effective and comfortable compaired to other things such as bicycles which require a lot more effort. They can also be used for daily commute to your school, college or workplace on both long and short distances. They make the daily commute much easier as you no longer have to rely on public transport.