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Fullerene Chemistry as well as Nanopolymer Innovation

Scientists such as Roger Penrose and also Stuart Hameroff are investigating concerning what can be considered to be important buildings of the centriole that are associated with the cerebral performance of micro-tubule polymers. Undeniably, nano-polymer research study is currently becoming crucial study for humanity’s future. However, Buckminster Richer’s warning concerning making the selection between Paradise or Oblivion is of extremely important importance to individuals of the world. Concerns about entropic nano-boot innovation seem well established. Plato advised about the harmful wickedness of unformed matter within the physical atom that can arise from the actions of engineers that knew nothing regarding spiritual optical design principles coming from the scientific research for honest ends. Today, the nuclear radiation threat spreading right into Japan pales right into insignificance to the risk postured by current entropic nanotechnology.

The British Astronomer Royal, Properties of Fullerenes, has predicted that uncontrolled nanotechnology study is among the unavoidable human termination results that are likely to happen this century. In order to comprehend the remedy to that dire hazard of oblivion, we need to recognize the basic relationship between the old familiar chemistry as well as the brand-new one that is currently emerging alongside it. We must release ourselves completely from being regulated by an entropic dictatorship that refutes that the science of life is connected to the boundless moral fractal reasoning of the new chemistry. It is no longer acceptable to consider it heresy that Sir Isaac Newton’s conviction, written in his Heresy Documents, that the world-view of a product cosmos have to be completed with a much more all-natural, extensive viewpoint, an approach based upon the very same physics principles that promoted the initial Platonic Scientific research for Ethical Ends. Newton’s infinite world-view can only be upheld by the very same fractal logic that was basic to this lost scientific research, as well as which is additionally essential to Platonic Fullerene Chemistry.


Buckminster Fuller’s warning concerning a science governed by entropic logic was resembled by others such as the Molecular Biologist, Sir C P Snow, and the Nobel Laureate in Medication, Szent-Gyorgyi, and also the Max Plank Astrophysicist, Peter Kafka. All of these people cautioned that the point of view of Homo Entropic us was adhering to a course to overall turmoil. This is undoubtedly an entrenched scientific society, Einstein wrote that the second regulation of thermodynamics was the Premier Legislation of Every One Of Science. Einstein’s colleague, Sir Arthur Edenton called it the Supreme Metaphysical Law of the Entire World. Charles Darwin utilized it as the basis of his Concept of Development, actually mentioning Thomas Malthus’ financial theories, which, in the 18th Century, had become synonymous with the second law of thermodynamics. For Western Ethical Law to try to continue to impose an entropic worldwide economic rationalism upon the global populace can be considered to be a recipe for Globe War III.